I want to be a lemon drizzle cake

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Today's post comes from Salina at Heart Reflected

Have you ever found a recipe that you knew before making it, was going to be good?

I made the most delicious lemon cake last week; in fact it was so good I made it twice. The best part about the cake wasn't that it came from the United Kingdom; it was the lemon sugar glaze found on top and inside. When added to the top of the cake, the glaze drizzles down the sides and settles around the bottom in a magnificent sugar puddle. In order to get the glaze inside the cake though, you have to poke lots of holes on the surface and wait for the glaze to slowly seep in.

To properly enjoy a piece of cake this good, you must take your time and eat each bite as though it might be your last. Therefore, as I slowly savored each and every morsel, I was better able to appreciate the flavor of the cake, and how the sugar glaze mixed so deliciously with it. Before long, I was close to finishing the final bite. As I sat there contemplating a little bit of everything, I came to the measured realization that I wanted to live my life exactly like the lemon drizzle cake I was eating

May my life always be an open vessel for God

I want everything about myself to be an open vessel for God. I want Him to have daily access to my every thought, dream, and fear. I want to be so saturated with His Spirit that if you cut me open you would see that He had seeped into every single pore. 

'Show me the right path, O LORD; point out the road for me to follow.'

Psalm 25:4  NLT

As I walk along life's path, I plan to look ahead and see Him leading the way.  No matter what barrier might stand before me, I will step aside and allow Him to take care of it in His time, in His way.

So today Lord, I'm asking to see and feel You like never before; let me see Your glory shining down and surrounding me from head to foot.  As Your touch reaches out to embrace my soul, I lay my heart open before You. I want to experience it beating for You, as though it was the very first time.

'Honor the LORD for the glory of his name. Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.'

Psalm 29: 2 NLT

I want for no other, for Your splendor envelopes me and refuses to let go. I sense Your love and presence everywhere around me, the way the wind rustles the leaves on the trees, the way the clouds blend so seamlessly into the brilliant blue of the sky, and how my heart still skips a beat when my husband puts His arms around me to give me a hug.

I'm in awe of the grace You so freely and without reservation grant to me. If given a choice, I would choose You over and over again. I would follow You to the ends of the earth and step off knowing that no matter how far I fell, or how scary it might be, You will always be there to catch me.

'The Lord lives! Praise to my Rock! May the God of my salvation be exalted!'

Psalm 18:46 NLT

How could I ever deny You praise, for You alone are worthy, not only of my praise, but of my total allegiance. How could I ever turn my back on You and walk away, for Your hand is the one I cling to when everything else seems to be so far out of reach.  How could I ever forget to thank You, for You are the giver of great gifts, the One who sustains me.

You have been there through every tear, all my pain, and every circumstance that's ever befallen me. You are the Way, the Truth, and my Life; no other god will ever come before You, no other god will ever receive Your praise. 

Father, I'm pledging my entire life to You; I don't want to hold anything back. You've given me all without ever asking for anything from me, so today I want to return my all to You. Thank You for the gift of love, for the gift of salvation, and for the gift of eternal life.

I love You,


Lemon drizzle cake recipe

photo credit - Salina Thomas Gibson

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