No Hope Left?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"No Hope Left?"

As part of a writing exercise, our BIG writer's group held a fun challenge this month. Using the phrase "no hope left" as the title for a devotion, each member had the opportunity to give their viewpoint on the meaning of hope. 

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In God's love, your BIG Sisters.

Scattering the Stones
No Hope Left

Heart Reflected,
Encouragement of Faith
No Hope Left
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A Sudden Glory: A challenge

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Today's post comes from Salina at Heart Reflected & Anita at Scattering the Stones

“You were created to make God recognizable to others

- to show others what God is like.”

Sharon Jaynes, A Sudden Glory, P. 9

Salina and I decided to set ourselves a challenge: To take a quote, and each write a 500 word devotion, using the above quote, from Sharon Jaynes new book - A Sudden Glory, as inspiration.

We both really enjoyed the challenge, and are looking to do more of these within our BIG writer's group.

We invite you to visit our blogs and read our posts. 

We hope you enjoy reading them, and that they will bless you.

Heart Reflected,

Scattering the Stones
Created for His glory: My purpose

Sharon Jaynes highly recommended new book, is available now:
Book details:
A Sudden Glory – God’s Lavish Response & Your Ache For Something More
Sharon Jaynes, Multnomah Books, 2012 Colorado Springs, CO

Anita & Salina